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Options for faxing include:

  1. Fax at Buswell Library, using one of the scanner/printer/photocopiers on either side of the Writing Center on the main level of the library.
    1. Select the "Scanner" option
    2. Make sure you are scanning to Email, then touch "Manual Entry" for the keyboard to enter your email address
    3. In the email address field, enter address as follows: <fax number> (i.e., The number preceding the @ is the fax number you are sending to.
    4. Press the "OK" button to return to the scanner homescreen
    5. Press "Start" to begin scanning and sending the fax.
    6. ‚ÄčSome things to note about faxing from the library machines: 
      1. You will not receive any type of confirmation that your fax was sent successfully sent. To confirm delivery, you will need to contact the intended recipient
      2. No cover sheet will be automatically generated, so if you want to include one, it will need to be the first page of the document that is scanned.
      3. This method of sending a fax only works on the scanner/printer/photocopiers. Sending an email to the same address will fail.          
  2. Fax over the internet free at
  3. Alternately, use the scanner/printer/photocopiers in the library to scan documents to PDF and send those via email if that is an acceptable alternative for the recipient

Faxing and scanning at the library are free.

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